Benevida Settlement Services provides title insurance and other title solutions in Florida and Pennsylvania.

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Benevida’s Competitive Edge

Benevida Settlement Services is a partnership between the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) and Radian Group Inc. NAHREP is a purpose-driven organization that is propelled by a passionate combination of entrepreneurial spirit, cultural heritage and the advocacy of its members.

Its mission is to advance sustainable Hispanic homeownership. Benevida’s partner, Radian, has a long time commitment to ensuring the American dream of homeownership responsibly and sustainably through products and services that include industry-leading mortgage insurance and a comprehensive suite of mortgage, risk, real estate, and title services.

Our Service Offerings

Title Insurance Icon

Title Insurance

Protect your customers from potential future losses that could result from any covered title defects on the property with a title insurance policy. Benevida’s title insurance will cover the insured, subject to the terms, conditions, endorsements, and exclusions, for claims that occur due to covered defects.

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Property Report / Title Searches

Receive a detailed property profile search as needed for upcoming purchase and refinance transactions. Benevida can expedite the search upon request.

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Remote Closings

Help your customer close on their home remotely if they are simply unable to close in person. Benevida offers homebuyers the ability to close from wherever they are to ease the burden of traveling to the closing.

Upfront Fee Disclosure Icon

Upfront Fee Disclosure

Receive a list of the fees via a Fee Sheet, CD and/or an ALTA Settlement Statement upon request to provide to your customer.

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